Our full sized tables feature tops in a variety of wood types including Cherry, Pine, Poplar and even Tiger Maple. The individual boards comprising our table tops are tongue and grooved. We do not use any glue in joining our table tops so that the wood can expand and contract naturally with changes in temperature and humidity.

The joints are prevented from opening up excessively during expansion by installing maple butterflies along the joints on the bottom side of the tables.

The aprons are made from solid poplar and are joined to the legs by mortise and tenon joints; then hand carved wooden pins round out the construction, just as they did centuries ago. The aprons are attached to the tops with rusted slotted screws as in days of yore.

Our pine and poplar tops are jack planed by hand. Our tables are then distressed and finished to simulate two hundred years of age and wear (undistressed pieces can also be ordered, as well as other woods.)

Only a few furniture makers continue to build furniture utilizing these traditional methods of materials and construction. Making furniture in this manner is labor intensive and requires skilled crafts people.


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